Amnesty International and all #GameOver partners have been working tirelessly to establish precedents for safe, long-term and sustainable resettlement options for refugees.  

Although there is work to be done, we have been making progress. In May, resettlement began for refugees destined for the United States. 

When we started the campaign to get people to safety in November 2019, 612 people were detained offshore, today, that number is 373. This is heartening progress and shows that the Government is feeling the pressure, but we need to keep it up. 


Adam Sanousi sits on grass with a smile and hand in the air

Adam is from Darfur, Sudan. A supporter of Liverpool, Adam used to love playing the game growing up and those are some of his fondest memories. He was stranded in PNG for over 7 years. All he wanted was his freedom so he could rebuild his life, and now he has it. In May, Adam was resettled in the US, finally escaping a chapter of his life he never should have had to endure.


Ezatullah is a world-champion kickboxer, with an incredible desire to make something of his life. Ezatullah was Pakistan’s youngest kickboxing champion but was forced to flee. Earlier this year, he won a world title bout, despite being stuck in Port Moresby where he trained alone. In June, Ezatullah was resettled in the US and now has the freedom to pursue his dream. Ezatullah Kakar. Don’t forget that name.